Monsoon Weekend Trip to Karnala

Taking shortcuts in life is quite an unpredictable game but one easy shortcut to the arms of nature would be amazing to take where you can predict fun and adventure all theway. Karnala is that shortcut to reconnect with nature and its variety of offering. Located on the Mumbai-Goa Highway about 50 km from Mumbai lies Karnala, a grand treat for adventure lovers and bird-watchers.

This place is famous for weekend break from the hectic city-schedule and often considered to be a small but thrilling picnic spot near Mumbai. During monsoon, this place transforms into a fair-land with its boundless natural elegance and serves as a refreshing retreat. Karnala was the prime capital of the Konkan districts for many respective empires since 12 century.

Panoramic Resort in Karnala near Mumbai
Karnala fits everything in with so much to see and do that makes it very popular amongst picnickers, naturalists, adventurers, bird-lovers from Mumbai and people into simple treks.

The small hill-top picnic spot is extremely pleasing and enjoyable during the Monsoon season when everything is naturally repaired and revitalizing. The place bestows plenty of waterfalls, rich canopy and thick vegetation that make the climb extremely pleasant.

Karnala Bird Sanctuary Near Panvel
Karnala's main attractions include the gigantic thumb-up shaped pinnacle apex to the fort surrounded by Karnala Bird Sanctuary which is home to 147 local bird species and 37 migrating birds that will tempt you to take beautiful snaps through different nature trails spread across the sanctuary.
Please note that there are no accommodations available in the sanctuary so if you are planning to visit, plan in advance and always choose a base for you to then just come out unworried in shorts, armed with a camera and free spirit to enjoy a journey in the mists around you.

Understanding this, we at Panoramic Group, recommend you to stay at United-21 Panoramic Resort, Karnala that is right next to Karnala Bird Sanctuary, keeping you well-connected with all the fun, adventure and excitement. This place will transform your picnics and special occasions into an unforgettable and happy experience. The resort is a 'Home away from home', providing all the necessary facilities including open spaces, swimming pool, elaborate water park and adventure sports.