Durshet Is A Wonderful Place To Explore Near Karnala

Durshet near Karnala
After having enjoyed the serenity and beautiful environs of Karnala, tourists visiting the fort city would want to explore places around this region. Among the fascinating locations close to it is Durshet, which has vast expanses of green landscapes and a tranquillity that would instantly relax any of the weary souls. Situated in the midst of majestic Sahyadri mountains, this is a place where nature is at its best.

Tourists visiting this region in Raigad district of the Indian state, Maharashtra during the monsoons, would witness many attractive waterfalls. Created by the Amba River, they add a captivating charm to the lush green surroundings of Durshet. Accommodation in any of the resorts near Panvel makes it very convenient for travellers to explore all the offerings that this region has in store for them. As this place is yet an unexplored destination, they would be pleased to find lesser crowds.

Durshet near Panvel and Mumbai
Plenty of adventures await travellers who arrive in this region seeking some exciting activities like rappelling and rock-climbing. Bird-watchers can have the pleasure of seeing many rare bird species flying around in the woods. This region is also a haven for butterflies, and nature lovers would be delighted to get some snaps of them during their tour.