The Awesome Holi Celebrations In Karnala

Holi is the most colourful among all the festivals that are celebrated in India every year. According to the Gregorian calendar, it falls in the month of March. When it comes to the Hindu calendar, it falls on the full moon day of Phalgun month. The Holi celebrations in Karnala are an excellent mix of enthusiastic crowds and plenty of colours, as people compete against each other in spraying colours and baloons filled with coloured water. Many of the hotels and resorts in this region also offer a chance for their guests to indulge in great festivities by organizing special events on this occasion.

Holi Celebration in Karnala Near Mumbai
The legend of Hiranyakashyap, the demon king, is often associated with this festival and is one of the popular ones. According to this legend, he wanted all his subjects to worship him as their God, but his own son worshipped Lord Vishnu instead of him. Hiranyakashyap was angered by this fact, and decided to kill his son. As his sister, Holika, was immune to fire owing to a boon, he asked her to enter the fire with his son. When she entered the fire, Holika was burned to ashes as her boon required her to step into the fire alone. It was Lord Vishnu, who saved the son of Hiranyakashyap. The Holi celebrations in Karnala begin with a bonfire, which is made at several places in this region.

Holi Celebrations in Panvel
Considering the rise in popularity of this festival, many resorts and hotels of Karnala plan certain activities or events on this occasion. The Holi, or Rangapanchami celebrations also involve some special delicacies that are enjoyed by people with their family members and close friends. The hotels and resorts in Karnala also include these delicious dishes in their menu for guests in their effort to offer them a great atmosphere of fun and entertainment.