Shopping opportunities in Karnala

Karnala well-known as a weekend getaway from Mumbai is visited by thousand of visitors throughout the year. It is the most convenient place for one day picnickers, who come here to spend a day with fun and entertainment. Karnala is full of activities and things to do making it one of the best places to visit. One of the best activities is to shop in nearby popular shopping centre in Karnala.

Shopping Mall
If you are bored with routine life in concrete jungles of cities then come to this place, which is blooming with natural beauty and a pollution free atmosphere. It is advisable to start earlier so that you get more time to join the exclusive adventure activities like trekking and rock climbing. Karnala offers many options of entertainment to the groups and families coming here. Reserved forests of Karnala offer a feast to the nature lovers, who can stroll freely in the sparawling area of the sanctuary. Silence of this region is broken only by chirping of beautiful birds and while reaching the fort on top of the hillocks there are chances of spotting a rabbit or a monkey which will suddenly coming out and disappear in the bushes.

Region around sanctuary and even around the popular thumb shaped pinnacle of Karnala is inhibited by tribal villages, having houses decorated with tribal art called warli painting. Markets of Karnala are having shops, which exclusively sell beautiful handicrafts made by the villagers. Apart from handicrafts shopping in Karnala includes lots of other things to purchase like pure honey and artifacts made from the locally available material. Toys as well as hand made designer saris are another specialty of the local artisans, which can be purchased here. While coming to Karnala from Panvel there are two nurseries near the highway itself, where rare varieties of plants and beautiful idols of gods can be purchased. Visit to Usuf Meherally center at Bandhanwadi will offer a rare opportunity of buying nature based products like neem oil and sandalwood soap. In short along with entertainment you can enjoy exclusive shopping at Karnala. During the recent development of Panvel city many new malls were introduced making shopping in Panvel a more luxurious experience.