Exploring The Gadeshwar Dam In Panvel

Located in the Raigad district of Maharashtra state, Panvel is a city that has managed to balance modernity and old charm. It has a 300-year old rich history and has seen the rise and fall of many great empires, such as, the Portuguese and Marathas. Over the years, this region has made tremendous progress in the field of education and industrial development. There are many places to see in Panvel for tourists, whether they are from nearby locations or distant regions. Excellent connectivity to all the neighbouring areas and other important cities and towns of India offers the required convenience in travelling.

Gadeshwar Dam in Panvel
There are some fascinating places to visit in Panvel, and some of them have become extremely popular among travellers. The Gadeshwar Dam is one of the best places for tourists in Panvel, which is mostly visited during monsoons. It is located near the city between Chanderi, Matheran, Mhaismal and Peb hills. It has paddy fields and lush green hills in its surroundings, and they can be accessed with the help of trekking trails. This dam is also a good spot to watch some fabulous species of birds. Tourists can reach this place without any hassles, as the Panvel Bus Station is located at a distance of about 8 kilometres from it.

Gadeshwar Dam
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