Exciting Republic Day Celebrations At Karnala

Just like the Independence Day, India celebrates its Republic Day with great fervour every year. The Republic Day celebrations can be witnessed in almost every nook and corner of the country, with many government offices and private establishments organizing colourful events on this day. People of New Delhi get to witness large military parades, while events of similar kind are held in Mumbai and other state capitals. Governors of the states and other dignitaries participate in the functions that are organized on this occasion. Medals of bravery and other awards are distributed to the eligible members of armed forces and civilians.

Republic Day Celebrations in Karnala
Though there are certain low-key celebrations of Republic Day in remote areas, major establishments in these regions organize certain events on the 26th of January. Tourist locations like Karnala are preferred by individuals, especially trekking enthusiasts, who wish to make the most of this public holiday. They can find many picnic spots in the region, which would be of great delight to nature lovers as well. Bird-watchers would love to be at the bird sanctuary, which has numerous species of resident as well as migratory birds. Tourists coming to this region usually prefer to take either public or private transportation from Panvel city, in order to reach this fort city without any hassles. They can find some excellent hotels and resorts that offer comfortable accommodations for them at reasonable prices.

Panoramic Resort has always been a favorite for travellers coming to this place to spend their weekends or holidays. It offers air-conditioned rooms that are well-furnished and have all the modern facilities, that provide a comfortable stay its guests. This resort always organizes events during festivals in Karnala for its guests, which gives them an opportunity to have plenty of fun. On such occasions, it also has some special delicacies on the menu for guests.