Holiday Destinations In Karnala Near Mumbai

Karnala once known to only a few people has recently acquired great popularity among leisure travelers, picnickers and adventure lovers as the best getaway near Mumbai. The prime factor behind its popularity is its nearness to the cities like Mumbai, Thane, Panvel and Navi Mumbai. Some of the best holiday destinations in Karnala can be listed as the Bird sanctuary, ancient karnala fort and Shiva temple.

Karnala Fort Wall near Panvel
There are many weekend getaways in Karnala. Just eight km from the bird sanctuary little chowk point is the best place to get an best view of Sahyadri Mountains, Karnala fort and the ever spreading Panvel city lying at its base. If you keep a set of binoculars you can get best views of the nearby Vishal Gad fort and Prabal fort. The reserve forest and hillock of the karnala bird sanctuary is not only a best place for nature lovers and bird watchers but it also mesmerizes picnickers and trekkers who pass through the sanctuary. In order to reach summit of the ancient Karnala fort you will have to pass through the bird sanctuary where sighting colorful rare bird varieties is an unforgettable experience. The trek to Karnala fort is the easiest trek and can be captured by less experienced adventure lovers. The ultimate experience of your life welcomes you when you reach the pinnacle which is the landmark of karnala. Weekend gateways near Mumbai include places like Karnala, Alibag, Mahabaleshwar and Matheran.

Pandavkada falls located near Kharghar having a connection to the mythological stories of Ramayana, says that Pandavas had once visited this falls during their exile period. The beautiful waterfall jumping from a height of around three hundred fifty m falls on the huge rocks at the bottom creating a huge splash. This place which is popular as the best picnic spot has some age old Buddhist caves attract huge crowds during monsoon season.

Tourist places in Panvel are mostly ancient places like temples, which preserve great past of this historic town near Mumbai. Some of the popular attractions of Panvel are Bhavani temple, Manikgad and Prabalgad. Due to the popularity of Panvel and Karnala region many resorts have sprung up in vicinity of the bird sanctuary which serves as some of the best weekend getaways near panvel. Our resort on the Mumbai Goa road is one of the best places to visit for a day’s picnic, a family function or even a festival celebration.