New Year Celebrations - Bollywood Dhamaka 2014 at Karnala

Neighborhood of Karnala is going to get energized with a grand gala celebration at Hotel United-21 located near Karnala bird sanctuary on Mumbai Goa highway. An event of live entertainment called Bollywood Dhamaka is the dazzling event which will be hosted on 31 December to celebrate Christmas and welcome New Year 2014. Don’t miss this opportunity to celebrate arrival of 2014 in a Bollywood style.

New Year Celebrations in Alleppey
New Year celebrations are universal and they are seen to be a growing trend in the major cities of India. New Year celebrations in Mumbai are marked with a week long celebrations combining Christmas and New Year together. New Year celebrations in Panvel are a mix of traditional and religious combinations, whereas New Year celebrations in Karnala are purely following the modern way of celebrating the feast. Karnala being located near Mumbai and Thane many people prefer to come down to the resorts located near the bird sanctuary on the Mumbai Goa highway. New Year celebrations at the resorts go wild on the rhythm of music as the night advances.

United-21 resort in Karnala will be glowing with lighting and decorations throughout the festival period. Celebrations will reach a peak on December 31, when the huge lawns of the resort will be jam-packed with celebrators of all age groups. It is going to be a vibrant day at the resort and a star studded night moving on the rhythms of DJ’s and an opportunity to dance for everyone present at the venue. Other acts of entertainment will be mimicry, dance performances and an array of firework shows. Unlimited tasty veg and non veg food served will satisfy taste buds of the foodies. Tatoo artists will be available in the premises, who will carve exclusive designs on request. Hurry book your tickets online for this incredible show Bollywood Dhamaka on New Year 2014 at Karnala.

Holiday Destinations In Karnala Near Mumbai

Karnala once known to only a few people has recently acquired great popularity among leisure travelers, picnickers and adventure lovers as the best getaway near Mumbai. The prime factor behind its popularity is its nearness to the cities like Mumbai, Thane, Panvel and Navi Mumbai. Some of the best holiday destinations in Karnala can be listed as the Bird sanctuary, ancient karnala fort and Shiva temple.

Karnala Fort Wall near Panvel
There are many weekend getaways in Karnala. Just eight km from the bird sanctuary little chowk point is the best place to get an best view of Sahyadri Mountains, Karnala fort and the ever spreading Panvel city lying at its base. If you keep a set of binoculars you can get best views of the nearby Vishal Gad fort and Prabal fort. The reserve forest and hillock of the karnala bird sanctuary is not only a best place for nature lovers and bird watchers but it also mesmerizes picnickers and trekkers who pass through the sanctuary. In order to reach summit of the ancient Karnala fort you will have to pass through the bird sanctuary where sighting colorful rare bird varieties is an unforgettable experience. The trek to Karnala fort is the easiest trek and can be captured by less experienced adventure lovers. The ultimate experience of your life welcomes you when you reach the pinnacle which is the landmark of karnala. Weekend gateways near Mumbai include places like Karnala, Alibag, Mahabaleshwar and Matheran.

Pandavkada falls located near Kharghar having a connection to the mythological stories of Ramayana, says that Pandavas had once visited this falls during their exile period. The beautiful waterfall jumping from a height of around three hundred fifty m falls on the huge rocks at the bottom creating a huge splash. This place which is popular as the best picnic spot has some age old Buddhist caves attract huge crowds during monsoon season.

Tourist places in Panvel are mostly ancient places like temples, which preserve great past of this historic town near Mumbai. Some of the popular attractions of Panvel are Bhavani temple, Manikgad and Prabalgad. Due to the popularity of Panvel and Karnala region many resorts have sprung up in vicinity of the bird sanctuary which serves as some of the best weekend getaways near panvel. Our resort on the Mumbai Goa road is one of the best places to visit for a day’s picnic, a family function or even a festival celebration.

Christmas Celebrations in Karnala

Karnala is the most visited tourist location in Raigad district, which in turn remains in lime light due to its great historical background and the number of forts it boasts along its peripheries. If you are interested in celebrating Christmas at a peaceful location near Mumbai, then Karnala is the right place for enjoying glorious festival time. Christmas celebrations in Karnala are classic rather than vibrant.
Christmas Celebrations in Karnala
Karnala being a splendid location in the lap of nature tourists visit this place for spending a day or two in its surrounding attractions. But spending festive time here is a totally amazing idea you must try once. Panvel is the rail junction from where you can head for Karnala, which is just an hour’s ride by car. During Christmas there are many events in panvel organized by different social groups and local bodies. The mixed population of Panvel shows great enthusiasm in celebrating Christmas. Panvel has recently developed itself into a huge metropolitan city inviting many people for various reasons like business, employment and many other purposes. Markets in this region have already started gearing up for the coming festival time. People are seen busy buying Christmas gifts. Resorts in Karnala are brimmed up with visitors during this period. They enjoy the fun and entertainment of the events in Karnala.

Panoramic resort in Karnala located just near the bird sanctuary has flexed its muscles in preparations of an awesome feast coming ahead. The resort beautifully spread on a spacious patch of land in the foothills of Sahyadri Mountains, looks magnificent when it is illuminated during the festival period. Sitting under the twinkling lights and having specially prepared Christmas food will be a totally deserving experience. Celebrating Christmas at our Karnala resort while sitting on the lawn with a star studded sky above, will be surely a fascinating and unique experience for you.  Come and witness this fascinating Christmas event in Karnala resort.