Why To Visit Karnala?

Call it a 'Trekker's Paradise' or 'Fort City', Karnala has become a favorite among many tourists. The growing number of trekkers and eco-tourists visiting this region has given a boost to Karnala tourism in the past few years. It sits amidst beautiful natural surroundings comprising of mountain ranges and dense forests. Ruled by several empires in the past, this area was of great importance during the rule of Marathas. Best time to visit this place is between the months of November and February, when the climate is pleasant and best suited for various activities.

Karnala Hill Near Mumbai and Panvel
A major attraction of this region is the Karnala fort, which is believed to have been built by Devagiri Yadavs between the 13th and 14th centuries. This historical fort in Karnala was also under the rule of Gujarat Sultanate and the Portuguese for some time. During the late 17th century and mid 18th century, Marathas and Mughals gained control over it on different occasions. The British eventually captured this fort in the early 19th century and controlled this region till India gained independence in 1947. Among other Karnala attractions is a bird sanctuary, which is located at the bottom of this fort. The abundance of birds belonging to different species attract many bird-watchers, who also visit this region frequently.

Tourists can reach this region without any hassles, as it is easily accessible from Mumbai and Pune. There are many weekend getaways near Karnala for tourists to spend their holidays. They can book their accommodation in Panoramic Resort, which is located close to the bird sanctuary. This popular resort has 53 well-appointed rooms and added amenities, such as, a well-equipped gymnasium, children's park and a water-park. Guests of this resort can also have ample space for parking their vehicles, while a multi-cuisine restaurant and bar offers them some delightful treats.