Holi Celebrations in Karnala

Like all the popular festivals of India, Holi is also welcomed with great festivities and different colours. It is celebrated on the full moon day of Phalgun month, according to Hindu calendar, which usually falls in March. The Holi celebrations in Karnala also involves great festivities which is made apparent in the way locals come together and put colours on each other. Tourists also celebrate Holi at Karnala hotels and resorts, enjoying several delicacies that are prepared specially for this occasion. In most of the homes across many parts of India, women make special dishes that are savoured by everyone in the family. Travellers can truly enjoy Holi celebrations in Karnala while touring this region at the time of this festival.

There are several legends associated with Holi festival, but most popular one is the legend of Hiranyakashyap, a demon king. The Holi celebrations in Karnala also follow this tradition, as people in this region light a bonfire called Holika, which is the name of Hiranyakashyap’s sister, during this festival. Hiranyakashyap wanted everyone in his kingdom to worship him; but his son, Prahlad, was an ardent devotee of Lord Vishnu. Angered by his son's devotion to Lord Vishnu, he decided to get his son killed. He asked his sister, Holika, to enter the fire with Prahlad in her lap as she was immune to it due to a boon. But, Lord Vishnu saved Prahlad from fire and Holika got burnt to ashes as the boon required her to enter a fire alone. Over a period of time, the Holi festival in Panvel and many other places is celebrated by burning a bonfire.

Popularity of this festival has prompted many resorts and hotels in Karnala to get involved in its celebrations. A Karnala resort celebrates Holi with special events for guests that are held on this occasion. Panoramic Resort has a tradition of celebrating Holi with great enthusiasm and active participation from its staff. While the facilities provided in this resort would make for a comfortable stay, tourists can celebrate Holi at Karnala along with other guests and staff of this resort.

Festivals and Events in Karnala

Tourists visiting Karnala on the occasion of certain festivals can get an opportunity to be a part of their celebrations in this region. A festive mood can be witnessed throughout this fort city during Diwali festival which falls in November. Around this time, people usually purchase metallic items such as gold and silver ornaments. Night sky is illuminated with bursting crackers and several delicacies including sweets are prepared in homes of people. Major festivals in Karnala are also celebrated by hotels and resorts of this region and guests are encouraged to join them in their celebrations. This can be a great experience for guests of these hotels, something that they might not get to witness often. 

Festival in Karnala
Individuals travelling to Karnala during festive seasons can have an exciting time, indulging in various celebrations and visiting its tourist attractions. Such events in Karnala are of great importance for local residents as they value their traditions to a great extent. Cultural events are also organized at several places and temples come alive with rituals and festivities. Lakshmi puja and Bhaubeej holds special significance for residents of this region, just like people in other parts of the state. Kids enjoy their holidays during this period and almost everyone wears new clothes.

Another great festival called Holi is celebrated in this region with great zest and Holika is burnt to mark this day. It is nothing but firewood gathered a few days before this festival and piled up at a clearing. The day of Rangapanchami follows, with people applying different colours on each other. Tourists can also celebrate Holi at Karnala resort in which they are staying, along with staff members and other guests. Some of these resorts or hotels have colourful events arranged on this occasion. Celebrating the festival in this manner would definitely provide some pleasant memories for tourists.