Resort Near Mumbai For One Day Picnic

Mumbai is the city having its own charm and if you stay in Mumbai for a long time then you will find it difficult to get adjusted with the lifestyle of the other cities. Even though the life of this city is hectic once you get adjusted to it you will enjoy staying here. The residents of the city have researched many ways to lessen their tensions and have learned to enjoy life in many ways. One day picnics are the most common means of getting refreshed by visiting some of the places not far from Mumbai still offering pleasant atmosphere and relaxation for a day.

There are abundant one day picnic spots near Mumbai where one can spend some exciting time. If you are interested in exploring the beaches near Mumbai then Alibag is the ideal place. Just a few hours from Mumbai it has some of the exclusive beaches of the region with a chance of enjoying incredible water sports on the clean fine sandy beaches. On the western suburbs you can enjoy the beaches of Arnala, Palghar and Safala near the boundaries of Mumbai. For adventure lovers there are exclusive trekking spots at Karnala, Karjat and Lonavala.

The most popular among the one day spots are the resorts near Mumbai. They are looked upon as all in one solution to the picnickers and the easiest way to relax in a unique atmosphere. They are spread along boundaries of western as well as central suburbs. The attractive packages offered by resorts increased their popularity among one day picnickers since by paying a certain reasonable amount you can explore resources of the resort like water games, swimming pool and unlimited food. Karnala near Panvel has some of the highly popular resorts located conveniently on the Mumbai Goa road. Among these resorts Panoramic resort near Mumbai has more attractive facilities for spending a day or two providing lots of facilities for picnickers as well as corporate groups and families. It is popular as one day picnic resort near Panvel.