New Year Celebrations - Bollywood Dhamaka 2014 at Karnala

Neighborhood of Karnala is going to get energized with a grand gala celebration at Hotel United-21 located near Karnala bird sanctuary on Mumbai Goa highway. An event of live entertainment called Bollywood Dhamaka is the dazzling event which will be hosted on 31 December to celebrate Christmas and welcome New Year 2014. Don’t miss this opportunity to celebrate arrival of 2014 in a Bollywood style.

New Year Celebrations in Alleppey
New Year celebrations are universal and they are seen to be a growing trend in the major cities of India. New Year celebrations in Mumbai are marked with a week long celebrations combining Christmas and New Year together. New Year celebrations in Panvel are a mix of traditional and religious combinations, whereas New Year celebrations in Karnala are purely following the modern way of celebrating the feast. Karnala being located near Mumbai and Thane many people prefer to come down to the resorts located near the bird sanctuary on the Mumbai Goa highway. New Year celebrations at the resorts go wild on the rhythm of music as the night advances.

United-21 resort in Karnala will be glowing with lighting and decorations throughout the festival period. Celebrations will reach a peak on December 31, when the huge lawns of the resort will be jam-packed with celebrators of all age groups. It is going to be a vibrant day at the resort and a star studded night moving on the rhythms of DJ’s and an opportunity to dance for everyone present at the venue. Other acts of entertainment will be mimicry, dance performances and an array of firework shows. Unlimited tasty veg and non veg food served will satisfy taste buds of the foodies. Tatoo artists will be available in the premises, who will carve exclusive designs on request. Hurry book your tickets online for this incredible show Bollywood Dhamaka on New Year 2014 at Karnala.

Holiday Destinations In Karnala Near Mumbai

Karnala once known to only a few people has recently acquired great popularity among leisure travelers, picnickers and adventure lovers as the best getaway near Mumbai. The prime factor behind its popularity is its nearness to the cities like Mumbai, Thane, Panvel and Navi Mumbai. Some of the best holiday destinations in Karnala can be listed as the Bird sanctuary, ancient karnala fort and Shiva temple.

Karnala Fort Wall near Panvel
There are many weekend getaways in Karnala. Just eight km from the bird sanctuary little chowk point is the best place to get an best view of Sahyadri Mountains, Karnala fort and the ever spreading Panvel city lying at its base. If you keep a set of binoculars you can get best views of the nearby Vishal Gad fort and Prabal fort. The reserve forest and hillock of the karnala bird sanctuary is not only a best place for nature lovers and bird watchers but it also mesmerizes picnickers and trekkers who pass through the sanctuary. In order to reach summit of the ancient Karnala fort you will have to pass through the bird sanctuary where sighting colorful rare bird varieties is an unforgettable experience. The trek to Karnala fort is the easiest trek and can be captured by less experienced adventure lovers. The ultimate experience of your life welcomes you when you reach the pinnacle which is the landmark of karnala. Weekend gateways near Mumbai include places like Karnala, Alibag, Mahabaleshwar and Matheran.

Pandavkada falls located near Kharghar having a connection to the mythological stories of Ramayana, says that Pandavas had once visited this falls during their exile period. The beautiful waterfall jumping from a height of around three hundred fifty m falls on the huge rocks at the bottom creating a huge splash. This place which is popular as the best picnic spot has some age old Buddhist caves attract huge crowds during monsoon season.

Tourist places in Panvel are mostly ancient places like temples, which preserve great past of this historic town near Mumbai. Some of the popular attractions of Panvel are Bhavani temple, Manikgad and Prabalgad. Due to the popularity of Panvel and Karnala region many resorts have sprung up in vicinity of the bird sanctuary which serves as some of the best weekend getaways near panvel. Our resort on the Mumbai Goa road is one of the best places to visit for a day’s picnic, a family function or even a festival celebration.

Christmas Celebrations in Karnala

Karnala is the most visited tourist location in Raigad district, which in turn remains in lime light due to its great historical background and the number of forts it boasts along its peripheries. If you are interested in celebrating Christmas at a peaceful location near Mumbai, then Karnala is the right place for enjoying glorious festival time. Christmas celebrations in Karnala are classic rather than vibrant.
Christmas Celebrations in Karnala
Karnala being a splendid location in the lap of nature tourists visit this place for spending a day or two in its surrounding attractions. But spending festive time here is a totally amazing idea you must try once. Panvel is the rail junction from where you can head for Karnala, which is just an hour’s ride by car. During Christmas there are many events in panvel organized by different social groups and local bodies. The mixed population of Panvel shows great enthusiasm in celebrating Christmas. Panvel has recently developed itself into a huge metropolitan city inviting many people for various reasons like business, employment and many other purposes. Markets in this region have already started gearing up for the coming festival time. People are seen busy buying Christmas gifts. Resorts in Karnala are brimmed up with visitors during this period. They enjoy the fun and entertainment of the events in Karnala.

Panoramic resort in Karnala located just near the bird sanctuary has flexed its muscles in preparations of an awesome feast coming ahead. The resort beautifully spread on a spacious patch of land in the foothills of Sahyadri Mountains, looks magnificent when it is illuminated during the festival period. Sitting under the twinkling lights and having specially prepared Christmas food will be a totally deserving experience. Celebrating Christmas at our Karnala resort while sitting on the lawn with a star studded sky above, will be surely a fascinating and unique experience for you.  Come and witness this fascinating Christmas event in Karnala resort.

Know Some Of The Tourist Attractions Near Panvel

Panvel a major city in Raigad district is the most visited destination in Konkan region, which has many popular attractions tucked around its peripheries. Its strategic location in Navi Mumbai and close proximity of Thane serves as a junction for the visitors arriving from many distant places. Tourist attractions near Panvel include ancient temples, forts, picnic spots and some of the most popular mountain treks.

Monkey at Karnala
Some of the exclusive popular places near Panvel are Karnala bird sanctuary which is spread on a huge piece of land located near Mumbai Goa road. This bird sanctuary is the starting point to the trek, which proceeds on a winding path taking you to the historic karnala fort and the unique pinnacle which is the landmark of the region. At the base of the Matheran hills Gadeshwar dam is a scenic place which is becoming gorgeous during monsoon season. The dam overflowing on the background of lush green patch of land offers panoramic views to the visitors coming here to enjoy the monsoon showers The dam backed up by Mhaismal, Peb, Chanderi and Matheran hills offer a unique view as if a pearl is resting inside its shell. Gadeshawar Dam located at just eight km away from the Mumbai – Panvel highway is the best to visit during weekends along with family or friends. Ballaleshwar temple in Pali is another popular place to visit near Panvel. This Ganesh temple in Pali is one of the eight temples called Ashtavinayaka supposed to be a must visit place in Maharashtra.  Panvel having a historical background has many forts like prabalgad, manikgad and kothaligad located in its surroundings. Bhavani temple near Devale is another popular tourist attraction near Panvel. With the development of Panvel and its nearby region many venues of entertainment like resorts sprang up very fast. The list of resorts near Panvel including our United-21 Karnala resort is very long.

We would like to invite you to our United-21 Karnala resort, which is the best venue for multiple occasions like one day picnic, birthday party, festive celebrations, business events as well as family events. Remember us for any of your requirements of a venue which is away from the buzz of the city providing tranquility and piece of mind. Our resort is backed up with spacious lawns, modern water sports facility, a team to manage your events and professional chefs serving you the best food.

Diwali Celebrations in Karnala Resort

November is approaching fast bringing zest of festival time in India. Everyone is busy in shopping and other wholesome preparations for the most awaited festival of lights or commonly called “Diwali Festival”. If you are thinking of celebrating this Diwali in a most unique way, then we invite you for an exclusive Diwali celebration in our resort at Karnala during first week of November 2013.

At Panoramic resort in Karnala we have dazzling Diwali celebrations every year but this year’s celebrations will be marked with introduction of some new concepts. Getting impressed with last years stunning response from the celebrating crowds during Diwali, this year we are geared up with more enthusiasm to make some awesome arrangements for our well wishers as well as groups and families who arrive here for rampant Diwali celebrations that too in a descent atmosphere. Along with the traditional celebrations we will be arranging some surprise events to dissolve anxiety of the celebrators in some of the traditional as well as most modern ways. Our karnala resort being most spacious among the resorts in Panvel it keeps a capacity to held massive entertainment bonanza on the background of live music and an exotic lighting arrangement. Among the visitors since majority are families and youngsters more focus will be kept on activities like singing, group dance and entertainment games which are continued till late night. This year we have added more fun and entertainment games to surprise you at the resort.

We have developed a more merrymaking and partying atmosphere at the resort for our visitors, come and get the best return for your money by joining these exclusive celebrations, which are open for all ages and many tastes. Come and get the taste of exclusive varieties of sweets and other traditional delicacies prepared with high cooking standards. Come and share your happy festive moments in a classic atmosphere located on the backdrop of huge mountains and green pastures.  We promise these celebrations to be the best among Diwali celebrations in Panvel.

Best places near Panvel for one day picnic

Panvel is the historic city located in Raigad district of Maharashtra state, which is popularly referred to as the gateway of Konkan. It is the city where Navi Mumbai ends and majestic land called konkan starts.

Picnic Spots Near Mumbai and Panvel

In the historic times Panvel was popular for its historic as well as cultural places.  With the extension of local trains till Panvel, the city has gained lot of importance in recent years. Visiting Panvel and its nearby places has become more convenient. There are many places in Panvel for one day picnic like Gaadheshwar, Sankashi, Barwi dam, Zenith waterfalls and Pandav Prapat. Gaadheswhar dam is beautifully enveloped between Chanderi, Mhasmal, Matherian and Peb hills. This dam just eight km from Panvel, attracts many one day picnics. Main attraction of the region is the river crossing at Dudhani village. One has to take a small trek to reach the scenic dam surrounded by hillocks and lush green paddy fields. Sankashi fort on the road to Bhendewadi can be accessed upto the base near Durgah. The fort tucked on a height of around eight hundred feet is easily accessible. Barvi dam on the incredible Barvi River is also one of the best places to go for a one day picnic. This beautiful dam is supplying water to the cities of Mumbai and Navi Mumbai. Zenith waterfall is the best location to visit during the onset of monsoon. The gushing waterfall is like a canon splashing gallons of water from a great height. Pandav prapat or Pandavgad falls are the exotic waterfalls near Kharghar.  Apart from these, there are many other hot spots for one day picnic, but the most favored picnic sport remains Karnala, offering many attractions for weekend picnics. At Karnala near Panvel you will be welcomed by panoramic resort, a majestic venue for one day picnics. While visiting our resort you can enjoy the water sports and crunchy meals at affordable rates. This one of the most preferred resorts near Panvel guarantees a fun filled picnic in the arms of nature, with your family and friends. Our resort is the best venue of one day picnics in Karnala.

At our resort we have every arrangement to organize your family events, group events and even major events like wedding or birthday celebrations. Due to the availability of a huge lawn and ample parking space events arranged at our resort can be celebrated more comfortably. Visit our website for gathering more information on the special events organized frequently by our resort management.

Informative Karnala Travel Guide

Trust if you are looking for a suitable gateway near Mumbai, Karnala is one of the best places to visit. It can be described in one word as a refreshing break from the hustle bustle of the metro city. This travel guide to Karnala specifies all the relevant factors and parameters of how to reach Karnala and the tiny bird sanctuary at Karnala in Raigad district. It is wellknown for existence of around one hundred fifty resident birds and about forty migratory bird species. Other attractions of the destination are the ancient fort located on the top of a hillock with a thumb shaped pinnacle which is the unique landmark of the region.

Panoramic Resort, Karnala near Panvel
Karnala can be reached from Mumbai by NH 17 which is also referred to as Mumbai Goa road. Karnala bird sanctuary is just sixteen km from Panvel, which is the major historic city having many historical and tourist places in its vicinity. Karnala bird sanctuary is located at a distance of fifty five km from Mumbai, fifty one km from Thane and seventy two km from Borivali in the western suburbs. Pune to Karnala bird sanctuary distance is one hundred and nineteen km and can be travelled by NH 66. There are state transport busses as well as auto rickshaws plying regularly between Panvel and Pen. It takes around two and half hours to reach the bird sanctuary from Mumbai.  Located in the mountain ranges of Western Ghats it is surrounded by many hills and Patalganga River which flows in the east of the fort. The dense vegetation of the region is classified as moist deciduous forests containing mango, koshimb, kalam and asana trees. A leisure walk through the jungles is the best activity, which may offer some exclusive views of the rich bird species available in the vicinity of the sanctuary. October to April is the best time to visit, which is supposed to be the migrating season of the birds. Weather of the destination shows hot summers and pleasant winters with medium rainfall. Winter brings many beautiful migratory birds to this region.

There are plenty of places to visit in Karnala and a few hotels at the entrance of the bird sanctuary as well as on the highway. If you are looking for a cheap and affordable place to eat and relax then Panoramic resort just 2.4 km from the sanctuary at a three minutes drive from the sanctuary towards Panvel is the most ideal venue. Our resort contended with every basic facility will offer you all the pleasures of enjoying a day in an identical ambience of the mountains.

Why To Visit Karnala?

Call it a 'Trekker's Paradise' or 'Fort City', Karnala has become a favorite among many tourists. The growing number of trekkers and eco-tourists visiting this region has given a boost to Karnala tourism in the past few years. It sits amidst beautiful natural surroundings comprising of mountain ranges and dense forests. Ruled by several empires in the past, this area was of great importance during the rule of Marathas. Best time to visit this place is between the months of November and February, when the climate is pleasant and best suited for various activities.

Karnala Hill Near Mumbai and Panvel
A major attraction of this region is the Karnala fort, which is believed to have been built by Devagiri Yadavs between the 13th and 14th centuries. This historical fort in Karnala was also under the rule of Gujarat Sultanate and the Portuguese for some time. During the late 17th century and mid 18th century, Marathas and Mughals gained control over it on different occasions. The British eventually captured this fort in the early 19th century and controlled this region till India gained independence in 1947. Among other Karnala attractions is a bird sanctuary, which is located at the bottom of this fort. The abundance of birds belonging to different species attract many bird-watchers, who also visit this region frequently.

Tourists can reach this region without any hassles, as it is easily accessible from Mumbai and Pune. There are many weekend getaways near Karnala for tourists to spend their holidays. They can book their accommodation in Panoramic Resort, which is located close to the bird sanctuary. This popular resort has 53 well-appointed rooms and added amenities, such as, a well-equipped gymnasium, children's park and a water-park. Guests of this resort can also have ample space for parking their vehicles, while a multi-cuisine restaurant and bar offers them some delightful treats.

Video of Cottages In Karnala Resort, Panvel


Panoramic Resort, Karnala is one of the popular resorts near Mumbai and Panvel. View the photos of Panoramic resort, Karnala.

Maharashtra Day Celebration in Karnala

A fort city located in Raigad district of Maharashtra State in India, many of the tourists who visit Karnala are amazed by its striking natural beauty. Its main attractions are an ancient fort and a bird sanctuary that offers plenty of opportunities for trekkers and bird-watchers to have a wonderful time in this region. People who wish to go hiking can find the trail leading to the fort very challenging, and exciting at the same time. Birdlife enthusiasts can watch numerous species of birds flying around freely in the bird sanctuary which surrounds this fort.

Maharashtra Day Celebration in Karnala

Usually, tourists often prefer to visit this amazing place during weekends. But, there are certain occasions like Maharashtra Day celebration on 1st May, which people never miss out on for visiting this fabulous region. Nature lovers would truly feel blessed to be in this region, savouring its scenic landscapes. They would also be taken by surprise when they come to know about the glorious past of this region. The fort is believed to have been built during fourteenth century, and has seen many power struggles between great rulers over a period of time. Today, the ownership of this place is with Government of India, and authorities have played a major role in preservation of this marvellous site.

For domestic and international tourists travelling by air, Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport would be the nearest point of access. Individuals who choose rail travel can get down at Panvel railway station and can either hire a taxi or take a private vehicle available at a reasonable price. As this region is well connected to major cities and towns of the state, travellers can also find many state-owned public transport buses. Booking a comfortable accommodation in Panoramic Resort located nearby would help travellers to have a pleasant stay while exploring all the attractions of this region.

Holi Celebrations in Karnala

Like all the popular festivals of India, Holi is also welcomed with great festivities and different colours. It is celebrated on the full moon day of Phalgun month, according to Hindu calendar, which usually falls in March. The Holi celebrations in Karnala also involves great festivities which is made apparent in the way locals come together and put colours on each other. Tourists also celebrate Holi at Karnala hotels and resorts, enjoying several delicacies that are prepared specially for this occasion. In most of the homes across many parts of India, women make special dishes that are savoured by everyone in the family. Travellers can truly enjoy Holi celebrations in Karnala while touring this region at the time of this festival.

There are several legends associated with Holi festival, but most popular one is the legend of Hiranyakashyap, a demon king. The Holi celebrations in Karnala also follow this tradition, as people in this region light a bonfire called Holika, which is the name of Hiranyakashyap’s sister, during this festival. Hiranyakashyap wanted everyone in his kingdom to worship him; but his son, Prahlad, was an ardent devotee of Lord Vishnu. Angered by his son's devotion to Lord Vishnu, he decided to get his son killed. He asked his sister, Holika, to enter the fire with Prahlad in her lap as she was immune to it due to a boon. But, Lord Vishnu saved Prahlad from fire and Holika got burnt to ashes as the boon required her to enter a fire alone. Over a period of time, the Holi festival in Panvel and many other places is celebrated by burning a bonfire.

Popularity of this festival has prompted many resorts and hotels in Karnala to get involved in its celebrations. A Karnala resort celebrates Holi with special events for guests that are held on this occasion. Panoramic Resort has a tradition of celebrating Holi with great enthusiasm and active participation from its staff. While the facilities provided in this resort would make for a comfortable stay, tourists can celebrate Holi at Karnala along with other guests and staff of this resort.

Festivals and Events in Karnala

Tourists visiting Karnala on the occasion of certain festivals can get an opportunity to be a part of their celebrations in this region. A festive mood can be witnessed throughout this fort city during Diwali festival which falls in November. Around this time, people usually purchase metallic items such as gold and silver ornaments. Night sky is illuminated with bursting crackers and several delicacies including sweets are prepared in homes of people. Major festivals in Karnala are also celebrated by hotels and resorts of this region and guests are encouraged to join them in their celebrations. This can be a great experience for guests of these hotels, something that they might not get to witness often. 

Festival in Karnala
Individuals travelling to Karnala during festive seasons can have an exciting time, indulging in various celebrations and visiting its tourist attractions. Such events in Karnala are of great importance for local residents as they value their traditions to a great extent. Cultural events are also organized at several places and temples come alive with rituals and festivities. Lakshmi puja and Bhaubeej holds special significance for residents of this region, just like people in other parts of the state. Kids enjoy their holidays during this period and almost everyone wears new clothes.

Another great festival called Holi is celebrated in this region with great zest and Holika is burnt to mark this day. It is nothing but firewood gathered a few days before this festival and piled up at a clearing. The day of Rangapanchami follows, with people applying different colours on each other. Tourists can also celebrate Holi at Karnala resort in which they are staying, along with staff members and other guests. Some of these resorts or hotels have colourful events arranged on this occasion. Celebrating the festival in this manner would definitely provide some pleasant memories for tourists.

Resort near Karnala Bird Sanctuary

Karnala near Mumbai and Panvel is blessed with rocking mountain ranges, dense reserved forests and the landmark of the region the Karnala Pinnacle, which is visible as soon as Panvel is crossed and guides the visitors in reaching the location. The hillocks of Karnala were declared as reserved forests in order to preserve the exclusive Bird life of the surrounding region. This area on the Mumbai Goa road is well known as Karnala Bird Sanctuary.

Panoramic Resort near Karnala Bird Century
Karnala is looked upon by the city dwellers of Mumbai and Pune as the best convenient one day picnic spot, for groups of colleagues and families to spend a day or two in the vicinity of the Bird Sanctuary. Ancient fort in the vicinity of the bird sanctuary offers an excellent opportunity to go for a normal trek offering panoramic views of the region. The trekkers even come from distant places to explore beauty of fort and especially the Pinnacle, which is the major attraction for them. Capturing the pinnacle of Karnala tastes the skills of the trekkers and their ambition, since it is straight pillar like stone elevation having no proper way of reaching the top. On weekends gangs of young trekkers are seen dropping at Panvel with an ambition to reach the top of the pinnacle. Leisure tourists and one day picnickers can enjoy the essence of the region by visiting Karnala during rains when the hills are covered with a green shawl.

We at Panoramic resort in Karnala, which is just touching the Mumbai Goa road, welcome the visitors of Karnala to take a break at our resort near Karnala Bird sanctuary. We provide every facility to accommodate the groups as well as families to have some pleasant time in the vicinity of nature. We have every arrangement and infrastructure to manage your family or business events along with delicious buffets. Just remind us for booking your events or one day picnics.

Vasant Panchami celebrations in Karnala

Indian festivals are mostly related with celebrating harvest time, welcoming some season or one of the religious celebrations. Indian calendars are full of such festivals spread evenly across the year. The festivals are the time to keep aside your problems for some time and get immersed in the pool of colorful celebrations while enjoying some delicious festive food. Forgetting religion cast and creed everyone in the Indian villages and towns celebrate the festivals by cleaning and decorating their houses, visiting the places of religious importance and exchanging greetings with each other. Many festivals are celebrated on a national level whereas some of the festivals are identity of a particular Indian state or even a particular region with folk music and dances.

Vasant Panchami Celebration in Karnala
Many people are having little idea as to why basant panchami is celebrated. In the list of Indian festivals, Basant Panchami or “Vasant Panchami” is the festival of worshipping goddess Saraswati, which is also referred to as Saraswati Puja or Shree Panchami. Saraswati is the goddess of music, knowledge, art and culture. This festival is celebrated every year on the fifth day of the Indian month of Magh, which is the spring season. This festival being dedicated to Saraswati the goddess of literature, children are taught to read and write. Brahmins are invited to perform ancestral worship and are offered lunch. Local schools celebrate the festival by arranging Saraswati Pujan and distributing sweets as Prasad. The dress code of this festival is yellow, so people especially the ladies ware yellow dresses or saris. In some of the places like Firozpur people enjoy this festival by flying kites.

This year Vasant Panchami will be celebrated on 14th of February in Karnala and Panvel. Children in Karnala will be taught to write their first lesson which is known as Akshar-Abhyasam or Vidya-Arambham. Schools and colleges of this region will arrange Pujas early in the morning in order to seek the blessings of Saraswati. Saraswati Puja will be performed within Panchami Tithi. Visit Panvel on this day and witness this festival celebration near Panvel. Panoramic resort is the ideal Karnala resort for festival celebrations.

Resort Near Mumbai For One Day Picnic

Mumbai is the city having its own charm and if you stay in Mumbai for a long time then you will find it difficult to get adjusted with the lifestyle of the other cities. Even though the life of this city is hectic once you get adjusted to it you will enjoy staying here. The residents of the city have researched many ways to lessen their tensions and have learned to enjoy life in many ways. One day picnics are the most common means of getting refreshed by visiting some of the places not far from Mumbai still offering pleasant atmosphere and relaxation for a day.

There are abundant one day picnic spots near Mumbai where one can spend some exciting time. If you are interested in exploring the beaches near Mumbai then Alibag is the ideal place. Just a few hours from Mumbai it has some of the exclusive beaches of the region with a chance of enjoying incredible water sports on the clean fine sandy beaches. On the western suburbs you can enjoy the beaches of Arnala, Palghar and Safala near the boundaries of Mumbai. For adventure lovers there are exclusive trekking spots at Karnala, Karjat and Lonavala.

The most popular among the one day spots are the resorts near Mumbai. They are looked upon as all in one solution to the picnickers and the easiest way to relax in a unique atmosphere. They are spread along boundaries of western as well as central suburbs. The attractive packages offered by resorts increased their popularity among one day picnickers since by paying a certain reasonable amount you can explore resources of the resort like water games, swimming pool and unlimited food. Karnala near Panvel has some of the highly popular resorts located conveniently on the Mumbai Goa road. Among these resorts Panoramic resort near Mumbai has more attractive facilities for spending a day or two providing lots of facilities for picnickers as well as corporate groups and families. It is popular as one day picnic resort near Panvel.

Republic Day Celebrations in Panvel

People of India celebrate Republic Day with great fervour as it is an important event for every Indian and one of their three national holidays. A grand show of military strength and rich cultural heritage of this country is witnessed in New Delhi, which is India's capital. Many other events and social gatherings are held at several places, giving an opportunity to all, irrespective of their age, caste, gender or religion, to indulge in the festivities and have an exciting time. Karnala also celebrates this great event and one can see tri-coloured flag of India being hoisted at many of its important locations on this day. Tourists can also be a part of Republic Day celebrations in Karnala if they happen to visit this region on the 26th of January.

Republic Day Celebrations in Panvel
Karnala is located close to Panvel city and is an important tourist destination of Raigad District. It is known for its historical Karnala Fort which is surrounded by a bird sanctuary. Believed to have been built during thirteenth century, it has witnessed many power struggles between several empires. Today, though a major portion of this fort lies in ruins, tourists can get a glimpse of history with its architectural style and carvings.

The presence of several hotels and resorts in this region can be of great benefit for travelers. As Panvel city is located at a distance of about 10 kilometers from tourist attractions of Karnala, people visiting this place can choose to stay in any of its hotels or resorts. Accommodations of all types are offered in them, depending on the budgets and preferences of tourists. Usually guests and staff of a hotel celebrate Republic Day in Karnala with great enthusiasm. In this way, tourists can not only participate in these festivities, but also get a feel of local culture and hospitality.

History of Karnala

Surrounded by beautiful natural features and a historical fort, Karnala is a popular tourist attraction for trekkers and bird-watchers. Other individuals keen to enjoy its natural environment also visit this region as it has several places that serve as great tourist spots. Developed infrastructure has greatly increased the number of people visiting modern Karnala and its surroundings. But, there are certain places that offer a glimpse of its glorious past. The Karnala fort stands testimony to a fact that there have been numerous power struggles in this region. But, even after being left mostly in ruins, certain parts of this great monument have still managed to survive winds of change.

This fort was of strategic importance for its rulers as it controlled an important trade route. It is believed to have been under Devagiri Yadavs between the years 1248 and 1318 and was later controlled by Tuglaqs. Several rulers gained their control over Karnala before independence of India. Now, it lies as a protected area within a bird sanctuary that has numerous species of birds. Excellent craftsmanship of a bygone era can be seen in the form of carvings on Karnala fort's doorway. A steep climb offered by this fort and its surroundings attracts many adventure seekers every year.

Many other attractions in this region offer evidences that this place had a special significance much before the fort was built. Surroundings of Bhavani temple located at Devale have ancient tanks and Buddhist caves, which show that the history of Karnala can be traced back to Buddhist era. Few of such remains are pointers to a glorious period that this region enjoyed at a particular point of time in history. This would always remind future generations that a place which is now famous as a trekking spot was once a pride of its rulers.