New Year 2013 celebrations in Karnala

Blessed with striking natural features that are spread across a vast area and a serene atmosphere, the fort city known as Karnala in Raigad district is an ideal place for trekkers and birdwatchers. It has a historical fort which is now mostly in ruins, but provides a glimpse into the region's ancient glory. A bird sanctuary located below this fort has numerous species of birds including those who come from different regions in search of a good habitat. Some of the hotels and resorts of this region are engaged in preparations for New Year Celebrations 2013 and tourists choosing to book accommodations in them would have an exciting time.

New Year Celebration in Karnala
Most of these resorts can be reached easily from Panvel Railway Station or Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport in Mumbai. Travellers can either choose public transport or hire a private vehicle to reach their destination. Booking an accommodation well in advance is always recommended as tourists would get a room of their choice. This is made possible through the websites of resorts that provide an online booking facility. A New Year party in such resorts is always a grand affair and tourists would get the chance to be a part of it only if they have booked an accommodation in them. 

There is one particular resort which is located close to fort and bird sanctuary of this region which would offer great convenience for tourists to visit all the attractions. It is none other than Panoramic Resort of the prestigious Panoramic Group, which has excellent facilities and modern amenities for its guests. A tour of this region can be made memorable with open spaces and a wonderful water park that this resort provides. Its rooms or cottages are elegantly designed, offering complete relaxation for guests. There is a multi-cuisine restaurant and bar which serves delicious dishes and excellent drinks to its patrons. A New Year Event which is held every year always receives a great response from individuals who have the good fortune to be a part of it. The event is also expected to bring in a sizeable number of people this year as well.