Sightseeing in Karnala

With a vast region that has beautiful natural features in abundance, Karnala can be worth visiting. This fort city is ideal for eco-tourists and a perfect spot for bird-lovers as Karnala Bird Sanctuary has many species of birds. Dense forests and mountain ranges are a common sight in this place, but one can find many varieties in trees when observed closely. This region offers great excitement and challenges for trekking enthusiasts who arrive in great numbers every year for adventurous expeditions.

Karnala Hills
Individuals visiting this fort city for rock-climbing expeditions can find the steep climb of Karnala Fort very challenging. But all their efforts are well-rewarded in the form of beautiful views that can be enjoyed after reaching its summit. This fort is of great historical importance and has witnessed several power struggles. Its doorway has beautiful carvings of wild animals and there are naturally developed reservoirs in the rocks. Other than this fort and a bird sanctuary, there are many other places for sightseeing in Karnala. Bhavani Kadageshwar Temple, situated on the peak of hilly regions near Karnala has ancient Buddhist caves and is surrounded by greenery of misty mountains. Peaceful surroundings and holy ambience inside this temple can rejuvenate an individual's mind and body. Shiva temple located near this region in a place called Ambarnath is also visited by devotees and tourists frequently.

Over the years, Karnala has witnessed a growth in travellers visiting this region for trekking expeditions and sightseeing. Most of them are always on the lookout for comfortable accommodations that would enable them to have a pleasant stay while touring this place. A resort in Karnala would generally have all basic facilities, while some are fully-equipped with modern amenities for their guests. Being easily accessible from nearby cities and located close to several attractions, Karnala’s resorts are ideal for enjoying a memorable trip.