Places near Karnala

Famous for its historical fort and a unique bird sanctuary, Karnala gets many visitors every year. The serene atmosphere of this region, well-complemented with green natural surroundings makes this fort city an ideal place for spending weekends or holidays. But, there are many other places near Karnala that are equally attractive and can offer a unique experience for visitors. Being easily accessible from cities nearby, this region can be reached very easily and all the important places around it can be explored within a short period of time. Presence of many hotels and resorts around this region also helps tourists to have luxurious accommodations and enjoy mouth-watering delicacies in their restaurants.

Karnala Trip
Located at Devale near Karnala is Bhavani Khadageshwar Temple, which is popularly known as Bhavani temple. Tourists can be in for a surprise when they find ancient water tanks and Buddhist caves in its surroundings. Goddess Lakshmi is worshipped in this temple and its overall atmosphere is extremely peaceful. Devotees arrive here in great numbers to offer their prayers and witness immense natural beauty of the temple's surroundings. Among other exotic locations in Karnala is the Shiva temple located in Ambarnath. Its exterior is beautifully decorated with sculptures and interiors are covered with amazing carvings.

There are many hotels and resorts around Karnala that offer cost-effective accommodations for tourists and have all basic facilities for their guests. Arranging a stay in them would be offer the required convenience for visiting all the tourist places in Karnala and surrounding areas. Individuals staying in these hotels and resorts would also have many options when it comes to delicious cuisines. There are plenty of other amenities provided in them for comforts and pleasure of their guests. Corporate organizations would also find various facilities in them suitable for holding conferences, meetings or any of their events.