Short trips from Mumbai

Mumbai is the most extravagant fast developing city of India which is truly called the business capital. This bustling city accommodates people from many Indian cities. The city is truly cosmopolitan with people of different cultures and faiths mingled together to form a unique blend. Even though there are many places of entertainment inside the city the city dwellers rush out to breathe fresh air and have fun during the weekends as well as the public holidays. This has raised a great demand for venues of short trips around Mumbai.

Karnala Hills
Luckily Mumbai is blessed with many nearby spots suitable which include variety of natural places like forts, dams and waterfalls. Sanjay Gandhi National Park is located at the western suburb of Borivali. This park spread on a vast one hundred four sq. km. is the best venue for a one day family picnic. It is a vast expanse of greenery, dense forests, variety of animal and bird collection. Lonavala and Khandala are the best spots between Mumbai and Pune. The bushy dam of Lonavala is the most favored spot of the monsoon trips. There are many resorts and parks near Panvel, Khopoli and Khalapur. But Karnala near Mumbai has many attractions like the bird sanctuary, old karnala fort and an ancient temple. The fort is the most easily accessible trekking spot, even good for family picnics.

Panaoramic resorts at Karnala is one of the best places which is easily accessible, conveniently located with lot of fun enveloped inside. Our resort attracts one day picnickers, corporate groups and families. Since it is spread on a huge piece of land family functions like wedding and even social get-togethers can be comfortably arranged here. In the recent past we had arranged Holi celebrations and a mega event for our customers.

We welcome you to our resort for a one day picnic with family or friends, family events like wedding and group picnics of the corporate sector.